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About the brand
Senses will be set to launch this 2022, offering you to live the dream in such a luxurious feeling of beauty. The proliferation of countless beauty brands has made high-quality cosmetics as given, but Senses Cosmetics and Skincare wants to promote BEAUTY AS AN EXPERIENCE. Senses distinguishes itself by engaging all of its customers' senses, making the entire beautification and rejuvenation process a comprehensive and an intimate experience. As you work toward feeling and looking your best, Senses will make an experience that will engage all of your senses.
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Our Work
The Cosmetics and Skincare products allow you to style with confidence and nourish the skin, keep it moisturized and supple. Senses Cosmetics and Skin Care Trading was founded to address the local skincare scene’s lack of diversity, representation, and integrity. When we first began, we observed how oversaturated the market was, with huge brands offering an endless supply of whitening and acne treatments. It was difficult to come across products that could treat a variety of skin types and concerns. The journey of self-care has evolved from being enjoyable and thrilling to being a challenging game of detective work.
Individual solutions are essential for successful trade partnerships. We want to aid that process rather than stand in the way of it. WE will always find the correct solution and a matching offer for all sizes of consumers, from large to small. There are many articles on cosmetics for you to choose from. We will provide the finest option for you whether you need massive amounts of one particular item or a wide selection of products. Continually working to improve our selection and welcome individual inquiries and offers. 
Our Products
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